A brain tumor diagnosis can be an overwhelming hurdle to take on by yourself. The Rhode Island Brain Tumor foundation is dedicated to providing support for patients and their care givers who are not sure where to turn next. Below, please find a few options that we offer for those in need.

Phone Support
To talk with someone or to connect with others in the state of Rhode Island contact us. We have a dedicated pool of individuals who are here to help you cope with a recent diagnosis.

Telephone support line – (401) 272-4177

Support Groups
Brain tumor support groups are a great way for a patients and their loved ones to connect with others in a similar situation. To attend one of our workshops or monthly support groups please check our events page, call us at (401)272-4177 or email ribstf@gmail.com to find out more.

Grief and Bereavement
A brain tumor diagnosis can be overwhelming for all parties involved. Normal routines, expectations, and hopes for the future are often put on hold. As you face difficult treatment decisions or learn to cope with frightening symptoms, you may feel as if you are just getting by on a day-to-day basis. The grieving process often begins at the time of diagnosis.

Outside of Rhode Island? Find a support group that is closest to you through the National Brain Tumor Association