About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Rhode Island brain and spine tumor foundation is to provide comprehensive support to those individuals, and families of those diagnosed with brain or spine tumors, and to enhance their quality of life by providing education, spiritual and financial support, as well as to assist those who conduct research and wish to study this field. The Rhode Island Brain and Spine Tumor Foundation collaborates with foundations that serve the same missions. Our purpose is 100% charitable..

RIBSTF arose from concerns that Rhode Island patients and their families receive too little support as they face the high-stakes decisions that follow the first suspicion of a brain or spine tumor. They deserve an outstretched hand if they need one to adjust to changes wrought by the disease.

The Foundation has joined medical experts, human service professionals, and researchers with laypersons whose lives have been touched by these tumors. Together, we aim to address the Ocean State’s unmet needs for:


We will tell you how other people have survived and even thrived despite a brain or spine tumor. Their stories reveal the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.


When every moment counts, RIBSTF will offer information online around-the-clock about tumors of the brain or spine, treatment options, research advances, and local resources. Since knowledge opens the door to sound decision-making about crucial treatment options, all of the medical information on our Website will undergo expert review.


The Foundation will create opportunities for patients and their loved ones to share concerns as well as solutions with other people who are dealing with similar problems. They need not struggle alone.

Financial Assistance

When a medical emergency threatens to become a financial one, RIBSTF plans to link Rhode Islanders in need with available resources. For instance, we are working to identify programs that offer low-cost medical services or prescription drugs for individuals who lack health insurance. We also strive to identify inexpensive solutions to practical problems such as a lack of transportation to medical appointments or the need for a wheelchair.

More Research

As RIBSTF grows, it seeks to fund Rhode Island-based studies that could lessen the harm caused by these tumors within the state.